4 Important Ways A Threat Assessment Can Help A Person In Trouble

While a threat assessment is an effective way to keep everyone besides the person in trouble safe from potential harm, it's also a way to help that person in trouble, too. This difficult and often delicate situation calls for the knowledgeable guidance of a caring professional. 1. A Threat Assessment Can Stop Danger In Its Tracks Whether a person in trouble is facing legal entanglement or not, their life is likely in a downward spiral and a threat assessment could be the wake-up call that stops it. Read More 

3 Things to Know About Teen Pornography Addiction

Teenagers in general are often prone to making hasty and impulsive decisions, and this is one of the reasons many teens can develop addictions. Any type of addiction can be a bad thing, but a growing type of addiction with teens today involves pornography. Pornography addictions are very easy to develop and can be very hard to treat and stop. If you have a teenager that has a pornography addiction, you should look into professional help. Read More 

Multiple Children & Time Management: Learning Through Parenting Therapy

Having one kid allows you to devote a lot of time and attention to the single child. When a second child comes into the mix, things become more complicated. You may find yourself juggling schedules and finding ways to give each child the appropriate amount of attention. These pressures can create a number of time management problems and give you feelings of guilt if you feel like your children are not receiving enough attention. Read More 

2 Factors To Help You Know That Visiting A Psychiatrist Is A Better Choice Than A Psychologist

If you are struggling with depression and anxiety and think you may have a mental health disorder, should you seek help from a psychologist or a psychiatrist? Both of these are professionals trained to help people with mental health problems, but there are several differences. Here are two of the differences that might help you realize that visiting a psychiatrist would be the better choice for you. You Think Medication Would Help Read More 

3 Statements That Might Mean You Need Couples Counseling

If you talk to yourself every so often, either out loud or in your mind, sometimes it really pays to listen to the statements you make -- especially if your romantic relationship has been on the rocks lately. Some of those innocent comments could even be interpreted as signs that you and your partner could use some professional guidance. Here are three statements that might signal a need for couples counseling. Read More