Fears That Should Never Stop You From Going To Therapy

Going to see a psychiatrist can be a very smart move for many people. In fact, in the classic book The Road Less Traveled, M. Scott Peck, M.D. expressed his belief that most people could benefit from at least some psychotherapy. Unfortunately, whether someone is in urgent need of therapy or could simply have an enhanced life if the person received it, fears oftentimes hold people back from seeking treatment. Here are fears that should never hold you back from seeing a psychiatrist.

Fear #1: Being Perceived as Weak

Sadly, there is still a stigma around therapy and seeking a psychiatrist's help for problems. Happily, this tired, old stigma isn't as prevalent as it used to be, but it's present enough to scare people. Some feel that others will see them as inferior or weak if they go to therapy. Asking for help actually takes a great deal of strength, wisdom, and bravery. It's the opposite of being weak.

Fear #2: Worrying That a Psychiatrist Won't Understand

Sometimes people fear that their problem is so great or their failure is so enormous that the psychiatrist won't be able to empathize with them or understand their issues. However, psychiatrists are experienced professionals, and there is likely to be nothing you can say that will shock a psychiatrist. Mental health professionals hear many stories each day and typically understand a lot about the human condition and the mental struggles that cause one to make mistakes.

Fear #3: Dreading the Possibility of Humiliation

Since therapy involves being vulnerable, many people worry that they will be humiliated as part of the therapy process. That is not what happens. While some patients are embarrassed in the first session or two, it is not because the psychiatrist does anything to humiliate the person. Some people are simply embarrassed to open up and make themselves vulnerable. It gets easier and more comfortable as the patient and psychiatrist get to know one another.

Finally, keep in mind that going to therapy can be one of the best things that you do for your mental health as well as your overall well-being. If you are not sure whether therapy is right for you, take comfort in the fact that you are never obligated to continue therapy. You are in control of how many therapy sessions you ultimately have. There is no need to fear a visit to a psychiatrist who will be on your side and eager to help you heal. Get in touch with the professionals at a clinic like Northern Virginia Psychiatric Group PC to learn more about therapy options.