Three Women From The Bible You Can Learn From

For Christians, the Bible is their handbook for life. Through the stories, parables, lessons, and history provided within, the Scriptures are the guiding force in every believer's life. Theologians and laity alike can and do spend their entire lives studying the wisdom on those pages and still never feel like they have learned everything there is to learn.

Attending Bible studies with others can greatly enrich your knowledge. Individual Bible studies with the aid of Christian workbooks and study guides are perfect for self-study. Christian workbooks are also great for when life hands out lemons and believers need guided counseling to help see them through the storm. Many lessons can be gleaned from the women of the Bible. Here are three women to consider doing an in-depth Christian workbook study on to help gain perspective and wise counsel for your life.


The Book of Ruth shows the importance of persistence, carrying on through the tough times, trusting God has a new plan for your life when things go differently than you had planned, and learning to rely on others for support.

Ruth lost her husband, brother-in-law, and father-in-law. She faced homelessness, poverty, and a bleak situation. But she persevered and pressed on, believing in her Lord. Orpah, her sister-in-law, and Naomi, her mother-in-law, helped each other get through the loss of their men. They provided guidance and encouragement for one another, they supported each other in their faith, and with their faith, they got through the tough times together.


The biggest lesson that can be learned from studying the life of Rebekah is that God is in control. Rebekah knew the Lord, but she did not trust in Him. Instead, she leaned on her own understanding. Rebekah was a strong woman, but she relied on her own strength rather than the Lord's. The strongest of women don't resort to manipulation to control situations, they wait for the Lord and His timing, and are blessed by doing so.


The book of Esther doesn't mention the name of God one time, but he is indeed always omnipresent; he is just veiled. Throughout the book, there are a series of divine "coincidences" that could have only been orchestrated by God. It was providential that Esther met King Ahasuerus. She would become Queen, saving her nation in the future. This demonstrates the Lord puts the right people in the right place at the right time to accomplish his goals. By listening to that still, small voice and following what the Lord calls you to do, you can be used for His purposes.

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