The Benefits of Having an LPC Supervisor

If you are on the path to becoming a licensed professional counselor (LPC), you may already be aware of the importance of having a supervisor. A supervisor is essential for providing guidance, support, and feedback as you navigate through your clinical training and work toward obtaining your license. In this blog post, we will discuss the many benefits of having an LPC supervisor and how they can help you grow both personally and professionally. Read More 

Deep Brain Stimulation Therapy: How it Helps Treat Various Conditions

Deep brain stimulation (DBS) therapy is a medical procedure that involves implanting electrodes deep into the brain to regulate the activity of specific brain regions. It has been proven effective in treating several neurological and psychiatric conditions, including Parkinson's disease, dystonia, epilepsy, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and depression. Explore DBS therapy and find out what it treats and how it helps. Parkinson's Disease DBS therapy has been proven effective in treating Parkinson's disease, which is caused by the degeneration of specific brain cells that produce dopamine. Read More 

Exploring Ketamine Psychotherapy

The current health crisis brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic has led to an increase in mental health problems worldwide. As a result, more people are seeking alternative treatments to help alleviate their symptoms. One such treatment is ketamine psychotherapy. Ketamine, a powerful anesthetic drug, has been found to have therapeutic effects in treating mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD. This article will discuss the potential benefits and risks of ketamine psychotherapy and how it can help those dealing with mental health problems. Read More 

Discover the Benefits of Online Reiki Healing for Your Mind, Body, and Spirit

In today's fast-paced world, people are turning to alternative healthcare practices to deal with various physical, emotional, and mental issues. One such practice that has been gaining popularity is Reiki healing. It's a Japanese form of energy healing that helps in balancing the mind, body, and spirit by removing the blockages that cause illness, pain, and stress. If you're interested in learning about the benefits of Reiki healing and how it can positively impact you, keep reading this blog post delves into the world of online Reiki healing. Read More 

5 Ways To Treat Depression In Teens

When your teen expresses chronic depression, don't be alarmed. There are numerous depression treatment options for teens, depending on your teen's preferences and the severity of their condition. Learn about 5 effective ways to treat depression in teens.  Meditation Teens need to learn how to control their own thoughts. They can learn a lot through meditation sessions. Meditation can lower the heart rate and relieve tension, which is especially helpful for teens whose depression manifests itself into anger issues. Read More