3 Statements That Might Mean You Need Couples Counseling

If you talk to yourself every so often, either out loud or in your mind, sometimes it really pays to listen to the statements you make -- especially if your romantic relationship has been on the rocks lately. Some of those innocent comments could even be interpreted as signs that you and your partner could use some professional guidance. Here are three statements that might signal a need for couples counseling. Read More 

When The Internet Becomes An Addiction: What Counselors Want You To Know

Although Internet use can be a positive experience when properly managed, it may disrupt one's life and create problems if taken to extremes. Some individuals are unable to mange their time on the Internet, and this may lead to compulsive activities such as involvement in cyber-relationships, impulse shopping or gambling. If you believe you or a loved one may be subject to an Internet addiction, counseling may help. Recognizing the Signs of Cyber Addiction Read More 

3 Important Ways That You Can Reduce Your Risk Of Addiction Relapse

An intensive inpatient recovery program can help you break the cycle of addiction in your life. However, eventually, the recovery program will end, and you'll find yourself at home, responsible for maintaining your own sobriety without the helpful therapeutic surroundings of an inpatient facility. This can be a difficult time in the beginning, although the longer you can stay sober once you're out on your own, the easier it will be to maintain your sober status. Read More 

Tips For Helping A Loved One Through Opiate Detox

Drug rehabilitation programs are often necessary to help addicts recover from their addictions. These facilities provide the addict with counseling, as well as a safe and drug free place to reduce drug dependence. Group therapies, family counseling, and sober living encompass a huge part of the rehabilitation process. If you have a loved one who wants to see out drug treatment, then he or she is part of the 11% of individuals with substance abuse problems who seek out assistance. Read More