4 Tips For Changing Your Career

Most people have to work for a living, and there is nothing worse than spending decades in a career that isn't the right one for you. But at the same time, it can be very difficult to make the decision to switch careers and actually follow through with it. If you are not happy in your current career and want to make a change, use the following tips: Work with a Career Coach Read More 

Fears That Should Never Stop You From Going To Therapy

Going to see a psychiatrist can be a very smart move for many people. In fact, in the classic book The Road Less Traveled, M. Scott Peck, M.D. expressed his belief that most people could benefit from at least some psychotherapy. Unfortunately, whether someone is in urgent need of therapy or could simply have an enhanced life if the person received it, fears oftentimes hold people back from seeking treatment. Here are fears that should never hold you back from seeing a psychiatrist. Read More 

3 Things To Try When You Experience Long-Term Loneliness

Everyone goes through moments or times in life where they feel lonely and disconnected. If this feeling of loneliness persists for weeks, months, or even longer, it's time to do something about it. Long-term loneliness can suck the joy out of life and has even been linked to health problems. Here are three things to try when experiencing loneliness on a long-term basis: Try Counseling Counseling can help you unpack and process life events in your past that may be causing you to retreat into yourself instead of forming meaningful connections and relationships. Read More 

Three Women From The Bible You Can Learn From

For Christians, the Bible is their handbook for life. Through the stories, parables, lessons, and history provided within, the Scriptures are the guiding force in every believer's life. Theologians and laity alike can and do spend their entire lives studying the wisdom on those pages and still never feel like they have learned everything there is to learn. Attending Bible studies with others can greatly enrich your knowledge. Individual Bible studies with the aid of Christian workbooks and study guides are perfect for self-study. Read More 

4 Important Ways A Threat Assessment Can Help A Person In Trouble

While a threat assessment is an effective way to keep everyone besides the person in trouble safe from potential harm, it's also a way to help that person in trouble, too. This difficult and often delicate situation calls for the knowledgeable guidance of a caring professional. 1. A Threat Assessment Can Stop Danger In Its Tracks Whether a person in trouble is facing legal entanglement or not, their life is likely in a downward spiral and a threat assessment could be the wake-up call that stops it. Read More