Subtle Signs That You Might Be More Anxious Than You Realize

Among those who suffer from anxiety, there are those who are acutely aware that this is going on, and those who may not be so aware. Those in the former group will hopefully understand the negative impact that anxiety can have on their lives, and will thus seek help from a therapist. If you're in the latter group, however, it's important to look for some often-subtle signs that can indicate you're feeling anxious. If you identify these signs and they bother you frequently, it may be time to seek out a local anxiety therapist.

Tight Jaw/Headaches

When you're subconsciously anxious, it's common to clench your jaw. You may do this throughout the day, where it's easier to catch, but this habit may also affect you overnight. Many people who are anxious fall asleep with a clenched jaw and keep it that way for much of the night, result in tight jaw muscles in the morning. In some cases, the jaw tightness can also lead to a headache. If you notice these issues on a regular basis, there's a strong chance that you may subconsciously be anxious.

Cold Hands

While it's not a concern to have cold hands when it's cold out, you might notice that your hands feel cool when the temperature isn't indicative of this symptom. Those who are anxious can often have cold hands, so it's important to catch this warning sign and realize that you might have more anxiety than you think. Cold hands occur due to the fight or flight response—your body is stressed, which causes more of your blood to gather in your torso, leaving your extremities feeling chilly.

Weight Gain

While there are lots of different reasons that people gain weight, it's a good idea to be aware of weight gain and use it to assess whether you might be anxious. Sometimes, those who are suffering from anxiety will eat more. For example, you might keep a bowl of candy on your desk at work and constantly munch throughout the day. While junk food doesn't cure anxiety, the sugar rush that you get can trigger better feelings, which may temporarily alleviate your feelings of anxiety. This results in overeating to the point that you begin to gain weight. Should you notice these symptoms, it may be time to see an anxiety therapist for help with identifying the cause of your anxiety and working through it.

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