Trauma Therapy: Signs You Or A Loved One Needs It

Trauma therapy is a type of therapy designed to assist individuals who have undergone any type of trauma — be it a physical, emotional, or mental trauma — and learn how to cope with the aftermath of what the situation has caused. Any type of experience that is traumatic in nature, such as divorce, sexual assault, robbery, or even a natural disaster, can cause a lot of ongoing distress — so much so that a life can be impacted daily. Read More 

FAQs From Those First Considering Ibogaine Treatment

If you have been struggling with addiction, depression, or an eating disorder and have not gotten any relief from various conventional treatments, then it may be time to explore another option: ibogaine. Since ibogaine is a psychoactive substance and a bit unconventional, most patients have a few questions when they first start to consider whether the treatment is right for them. Hopefully, the content below answers at least the majority of those initial questions running through your mind. Read More 

Reasons To Seek Counseling For Anxiety

If you have anxiety or struggle with anxious thoughts on a day-to-day basis, you might take medication or have other ways of coping. However, sometimes people resist the idea of getting adult counseling services when they have anxiety. You might not like the idea of talking to a stranger. You might have anxiety about opening up to people, or you might have anxiety that stems from wanting to do well, and adding counseling might seem like adding another thing to your mental plate. Read More 

5 Signs You May Benefit From Therapy

Some people feel uneasy about reaching out to a counselor for therapy services. They may worry that they are weak or that they are different if they need counseling services. Investing in therapy can change your life, and if you do need help, it doesn't make you a bad person or different from your friends or family. We all go through hard times, and getting guidance to work through those tough times can be helpful. Read More 

Threats To Substance Abuse Relapse

If you have been in psychotherapy or counseling to help you through substance abuse, you might be curious about potential triggers that could prompt a relapse. The relapse triggers could change many aspects of your life, and some are more personal than others. These are common triggers to look out for. Immediate Needs For many people in treatment, there is the idea that you need to examine your feelings of hunger, anger, loneliness, and fatigue to ensure that you are dealing with your immediate needs in a healthy way. Read More