Down Syndrome - How Therapeutic Services Can Help Your Social Interaction

If a Down Syndrome child can form relationships with other children, then it plays important role in all aspects of their social and cognitive development. This interaction allows children to get to know each other. It also allows your child to experience positive and negative social behavior within play.

Without social interaction, your child will be sullen and find it hard to make friends. Read on to find out how Down Syndrome therapy can help your social skills:

Take Advantage Of Early Intervention Services 

The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) is a mandated federal law that provides disabled children with intervention services. Early intervention is a systematic program that addresses developmental delays for children with disabilities. This program consists of therapy, activities, and exercises. Early intervention services for children with Down Syndrome include occupational therapy, physical therapy and speech and language therapy. This program also helps families to understand and meet the needs of their children. 

Help With Developing Gross Motor Skills

The development of gross motor skills is one the first things that parents will face with their Down Syndrome children. Your child is still curious and what to know more about the happenings in their surroundings. They want to explore their environment, walk, sit, crawl and interact with people around them. 

Down syndrome children do not develop motor skills in the same manner as typical developing children. The beginning of therapy is used to figure out what the child has already mastered on his own. The next part of therapy is determining what your child needs to know next. Your therapist will develop a way to teach your child the skill. He or she also will teach the parents how to practice the skill with their child. 

Introduce Your Child To Total Communication 

Speech and language can be challenging. This therapy can help infants to start to communicate and help young children to progress with speech. Most Down Syndrome children use speech as their main way to communicate, but they understand language. Your child will also have a desire to communicate before they are able to speak.

However, speech therapy gives your child the tools of total communication. These tools include using electronic synthesized speech, pictures and sign language. Speech and language are learned through hearing, touching and seeing.

You want your child to have a health and quality life. Parents have to prepare their children from birth. Counseling helps your child with building life skills. To form friendships, you have to learn how to communicate. Contact a company like ABC Pediatric Therapy for more information and assistance.