4 Tips For Changing Your Career

Most people have to work for a living, and there is nothing worse than spending decades in a career that isn't the right one for you. But at the same time, it can be very difficult to make the decision to switch careers and actually follow through with it. If you are not happy in your current career and want to make a change, use the following tips:

Work with a Career Coach

A career change can be a scary thing, and many people are not sure how to do it, nor do they know exactly what new career they want to pursue. During the transition from one career to another, working with an experienced career coach can be invaluable. A career coach will listen to you, help you identify your strengths and weaknesses, and evaluate your options. You can count on a career coach to support you during your career change and help you think outside the box in order to secure a new career that you love.

Update Your Resume

After deciding what you would like your new career to by, you will need to update your resume. When updating your resume, think about all of the skills that you have amassed during your current career, and emphasize the skills that translate well into your new career choice. Doing so can help show recruiters that while you may becoming from a different employment background, you have already learned many of the skills needed to begin a new position in a different field.


One of the biggest keys to successfully changing careers is networking properly. Think about all of the people that you know and get in touch with anyone who has contacts in a company that has positions that align with your new career choice. It is also a good idea to attend networking events-- in many larger towns and cities networking events are held on a regular basis and can help you make valuable connections that can lead to a new job.

Don't Quit Your Job Prematurely

While it is entirely possible to switch careers with some hard work, securing a new position in a new field is not something that happens right away. While transitioning to a new career, it is in your best interest to remain at your current place of employment until you receive an official job offer that includes benefits and a salary that you can live on.