Substance Abuse Therapy: What You Need To Know

Those who struggle with substance abuse often feel there is no hope for getting better. Substance abuse impacts so many people and can have devastating impacts. Thankfully, there are some treatment options to help those in need of recovery. The following are some things you should know if you are dealing with substance abuse.

How Is Substance Abuse Treated?

There are several methods used to help those who deal with substance abuse. Many therapies are used in conjunction with each other to have the best outcome. Behavioral therapy and medication are the most common forms of treatment. Treatment for other outlying physical or mental health issues is also a good step toward recovery. There are also some tools many health professionals can offer to help, including apps for a tablet or smartphone.

How Does Therapy Help Treat Substance Abuse?

Therapy is a helpful, non-invasive treatment method for those who suffer from substance abuse. Behavioral and talk therapy helps the patient deal with any emotional or mental health issues they might be dealing with that potentially led to their use of substances. By the end of each therapy session, the goal is for the patient to feel heard, feel hopeful about their future, and have a better understanding on how to change the destructive behavior.

Therapy also helps you improve your relationships that may have been impacted by substance abuse. You might even learn some new communication skills to help improve your daily interactions.

For the best outcome, follow your therapist's recommendation on the number of sessions you need. As you improve, you may be able to decrease the sessions.

How Does Medication Help Substance Abuse?

Medication therapy can also help treat substance abuse and is typically combined with therapy sessions. The abused substance will determine whether or not medication is going to be a treatment option. Medication can help reduce symptoms of withdrawal from substances. Some medication can be used for many years to help treat substance abuse depending on the type of abused substance. Opioids are one substance abuse item that is often treated with medication.

What About Detox Therapy?

The need for detox therapy will depend on the depth of the substance abuse. Those who are physically dependent on a drug or alcohol may benefit from detox therapy. However, this must be done under proper supervision to be safe and effective. Detox alone is not a treatment and must be combined with other therapies to be successful. Look into substance abuse treatment for more information.