How Your Mental Health Counselor Helps With Seasonal Affective Disorder

Each day, mental health counselors see clients facing a variety of mental health issues. Seasonal affective disorder, also known as SAD, is one of those issues. SAD often impacts people who are already seeing counselors for depression and other mental health issues.

If you have been living with SAD, you may have questions about how to deal with the condition. You might need some extra help if you are dealing with SAD. These are some of the ways a mental health counselor can help improve your quality of life when you are living with SAD.

Counselors Identify Potential Symptoms

A counselor can help you identify a variety of symptoms associated with mental health conditions like SAD. While your mental health counselor may not be able to diagnose your condition, they can refer you to somebody who is able to do so. They can then help you manage your symptoms after you are given a diagnosis and treatment options.

Counselors Help You Find Light Sources

One of the biggest treatment options for SAD is having access to a light source during the darker, colder months. You may get a referral to somebody who can help you get a light for your condition, or they may be able to help you create a plan so that you can have access to the light you need to avoid depression symptoms.

Counselors Help You Change Your Lifestyle

Lifestyle changes can make a huge difference in your SAD symptoms, but figuring out how to make these changes can be difficult. Mental health counselors are there to help you determine what kinds of changes will be most effective for your condition. Lifestyle changes might include exercise, dietary changes, and other types of counseling.

Counselors Help You Set Goals

Setting goals is also a helpful way to combat seasonal affective disorder. Your counselor will help you assess what kinds of goals you actually want to achieve. You'll also learn how to create a plan that makes those goals achievable, even when you experience mental health symptoms.

Counselors Are Available All Year 

One of the biggest benefits of seeing a mental health counselor is that they are there for you even when your seasonal affective disorder is not currently acting up. One of the biggest benefits of seeing a counselor throughout the year is preparing for the season in which you typically experience SAD. Proactivity can make a huge difference.

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